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How to Groom Your Cat

Although cats love to groom it, you should groom it yourself too. It is a given that cats are neat freaks. In fact, most of their lives they either just sleep or groom themselves. No matter what a neat freak your pet is, he will still need a helping hand. Feline grooming is more than just keeping your pet from looking good. It will also help you determine the state of his health. By grooming him, you are actually helping your cat from suffering digestive problems due to hairballs.

How to Groom Your Cat

Tips for Grooming your Cat

  • If you are new to grooming your cat, remember not to snatch up your cat immediately and subject it to grooming. That would be a disaster waiting to explode. Remember that your cat does not like it at first hand. So, you should slowly accustom your pet to this activity and let him understand that you are there to help. To do this, pick a time when your pet is content and relaxed – this usually happens after eating. Start your sessions by at least five to ten minutes a day. Pet and praise your cat while you are grooming him. You may offer him a treat after the session too so he will most likely do it again with you. If you feel like your cat does not like having you groomed him, you may stop immediately and try again some other time. It may be because your cat may not be relaxed at the moment.
  • To do the grooming, subject your cat to regular brushing. This benefits the cat by removing the dead hair and dirt as well as removing any tangles and mattes. When brushing, make sure that it is in the direction that the hair naturally lay and never against the grain if you do not want your cat to get angry at you. And also, be extra gentle around the chest and belly as your pet is a bit sensitive on these areas.
  • For short haired cats, go for a metal comb with fine teeth. Start from head until the tail tip. Be mindful of any small pepper-like specks as this could indicate that your cat has fleas. After which, brush the fur again using a soft rubber brush to help remove any loose hair. Brushing for this type of cat can be done once a week.
  • For long haired cats, comb it using the wide-toothed ones. This will help remove debris that may be caught in your cat’s hair. Be very careful when you are untangling the knots and removing the matte as this may be painful for your cat and you might end up getting scratched. After which, subject the cat with a wire brush or bristle brush to remove loose hair then opt for a toothbrush when brushing your cat’s face. Brushing for this type of cat should be done daily.
  • It is a wide known fact that cats hate taking a bath and would be happily take comfort in the old time tongue-bath. However, there may be times that your cat gets dirtier than usual and the tongue-bath does not really clean it properly and gives justice to cleaning. So you opt to give your cat a real bath. Naturally, cats are not fond with water so you have to be careful in giving your cat a bath.
  • In giving a cat bath, make sure that the water temperature should be pleasant for your cat. It should not be cold or hot. Rather, it should be warm. Gently wet the cat and avoid pouring water directly on to the cat’s head if you do not want any chaos around the house. To do this, start by its body by using a pitcher if you do not have any hose. Then rinse it with cat shampoo starting gently from the head down to the tail. For some reason, cats are sensitive with their heads, so just like the first step, rinse the cat thoroughly but gently; avoiding direct pouring on the cat’s head. Once done, pat gently using a dry towel. Never blow dry a cat!
  • Also, when cat grooming, do not forget the nails. Giving your cat a pedicure can be a bit tricky but if you know how to do it properly, it will be a breeze and easier than you imagined it is. Just a tip though, clipping its nails should be done prior to giving him a bath. To do the pedicure the right way, practice first by letting him get used to his feet being handled. You may do this by massaging its feet on a daily basis. Do not let out the clippers just yet. Massage your cat by running your hand along its leg and then pressing the pad of each toe gently using your thumb. Once you think that your cat is already comfortable and would gladly accept a foot massage from you that is when you will introduce the pedicure.
  • While massaging your cat’s feet, clip the nails using nail scissors or a sharp clipper specially designed for a cat’s use. Do this by cutting the nails parallel to the flat of the claw then only clip off the white tip. Be very mindful as well as be very careful in cutting. Avoid the pinkish area that you can see through the claw. This should never be cut if you do not want your cat to get hurt and hate you afterwards.
How to Groom Your Cat

Basically, cats are clean pets and usually brushing and nail trimming would do the trick. They are very low maintenance and grooming is not a regular job for you. Remember though that even if your pet is independent and can clean on its own, never forget to give some tender love and care from time to time by helping him out. These will not only keep your cat looking good with a shiny coat on but it will also improve its well-being and keep a healthy record. Consider the grooming part as your bonding time!