11 AM | 25 Aug

The Wonderful Benefits of Having a Pet

Didn’t you know that there are multiple proven health benefits of owning a pet? This includes improving your mental, emotional and physical well-being. It also helps in decreasing your chance of having heart attacks. So, what does it really take to have your own pet?

Lowers Blood Pressure

Studies have found that owning a pet lowers your blood pressure. As Marty Becker, a veterinary consultant for Good Morning America once said, “If you have a dog around, your blood pressure is lower.” Why? Maybe because of the fact that your pet has unconditional love for you! Remember that your pet will never judge you when you lose your house, your job or your savings. Whatever your status in life is, your pet will love you just the same.

Eases Pain

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. A pet a day, keeps pain medication away! Pets are great especially if you are dealing with chronic pains such as arthritis and migraines. Pets can help reduce anxiety. Remember, the lesser anxiety, the lesser the pain. People who came out of surgery can make good use of having a pet around too! Studies have proved that people out of surgery recover faster and with lesser pain medication while they have a pet around.

Improves Mood

Did you know that people with pets are generally happier than those who don’t? People who have pets around tend to laugh more and humor is really good. How a pet improves your mood, you may ask. Imagine coming home and being greeted by something that does not mock you, judge you, nags at you and/or criticize you. Instead, in their eyes, you are the star! You are Johnny Depp, you are David Beckham, you are Cameron Diaz, or you are Kim Kardashian! Yes, they will not judge you. They will just be happy that you are home, alive and well. This is actually the main reason why pets are used in various forms of therapy.


It has been a wide known fact that soldiers dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder are being enrolled to therapy to cope up. And what is the therapy? Apart from the appointments with the doctor, they are given pets. Studies show that veterans with pets make it easier to socialize again and have a significant decrease in suicidal attempts. Pets give the veterans a sense of responsibility and the pet in return loves them without judging them or the veteran is not subject to explain what they’ve been through. The pet serves as their silent companion.

Helpful for People Suffering from Diabetes

There was a study in 1992 that showed people with diabetes living with pets have been saved when their sugar level drops. Mostly dogs but some pets like birds, cats and rabbits can detect and change their behavior when their owner’s blood sugar level drops. This is probably because of the reaction they have to the chemical changes in their owner’s body. Due to this successful study, there are organizations today that train animals to be companions for people at risk of unstable sugar levels. So if you have someone in your household who has unstable sugar levels, you might consider having your own pet at home.

The Wonderful Benefits of Having a Pet

Prevent Allergies and Improve Immunity

If you have toddlers and/or kids at home, you may want to keep a pet with you. Contrary to popular belief that having pets with fur – especially those that need regular pet grooming at home – will worsen the allergies of kids, it does not really worsen it. In fact, it improves the immunity of these kids. Children ages 6 to 7 years old who have pets develop natural immunotherapy. In fact, kids who grew up on a farm and/or around animals rarely have allergies. However this is not a reversible effect. Getting a pet as an adult will not reverse the effect if you already have allergies.

Helps Development in Children

A child with a pet has notably good sociable skills and can relate better to society and its surroundings. The child does not have a problem in expressing himself. A child suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can benefit from having a pet as well. Giving this child a pet will give him responsibility and focusing his energy in taking care of his pet on a predictable routine. Other than a child with ADHD, a child with Autism can also reap good benefits from having a pet. The feeling and or sensation of holding, cuddling and petting an animal can be soothing and relaxing for them. Giving a rabbit, a cat and/or a dog to a child with autism is perfect especially if they usually throw tantrums as the pet will keep them relaxed and at ease.

It Lessens Loneliness

Coming home from a stressful work to an empty house or apartment is the worst feeling in the world. It reminds you of how alone you are and that you have no one to go home to. Having a pet at home will lessen this feeling or better yet, it will get rid you of loneliness! Arriving at a home where something is anticipating for your come back is the nicest feeling in the world. Especially if you just want someone by your side without you trying to explain yourself or how bad your day went. A pet will just sit by your side, cuddle with you and help melt your stress away. Your pet will always love you even if you come home looking much disheveled!

Most importantly, if you are a first time pet owner, know that a pet does not necessarily have to be a dog or a cat like most households do. If you do not like a cat or a dog, you can always go for a rabbit, a bird, a fish, a hamster, you name it!