03 PM | 02 Jun

What Not to Feed the Cats

Cats are excellent pets. Proper care for them includes giving them cat wash and cat food. There are a lot of people who think that when their pet is domesticated, it is already alright to feed it with whatever humans eat. Little did they realize that while it is good for humans, it is actually harmful for their pets. Below is a list of food items that are actually dangerous to your cat, so do not feed them with it.

What Not to Feed the Cats
  1. Citrus oil extracts is bad for your cat as it can cause vomiting
  2. Canned tuna for humans should not be a substitute to canned tuna for cats. Reason being, this may cause malnutrition to your pet since it lacks proper levels of minerals and vitamins. This can also lead your cat to have thiamine deficiency
  3. In cartoons, we often see cats enjoying fish bones. But in reality, this is actually harmful for them. Fish bones can actually cause laceration and/or obstruction to your pet’s digestive system
  4. Baby food is not allowed to cats too as the baby food can contain onion powder which can be very toxic to your pet. If fed in large amounts, the cat can suffer from malnutrition.
  5. There is a reason why dog food is different from cat food although they are purely domesticated animals. Dog food, if taken in large amounts, can cause diseases affecting the heart. Accidental ingestion is okay but do not feed your cat with dog food repeatedly.
  6. Humans tend to feed their pet with what they are eating such as chocolates. These sweet food is dangerous to your pet as it can most often than not, cause diarrhea and can be really toxic to your pet’s nervous system and heart
  7. If you do not want your cat to suffer from pancreatitis, do not feed him some fat trimmings.
  8. Taking care of your cat’s kidneys would mean not feeding him with raisins, grapes and currants
  9. Although garlic and onions are really good for human food, this does not sit well with cat food. Onions and garlic contain disulfides and sulfoxides which can cause anemia to your pet and damage the red blood cells.
  10. Raw meat is also discouraged as it may contain E Coli and Salmonella. A bacteria that can cause diarrhea and vomiting to cats
  11. If salt is ingested in large amounts, this may cause electrolyte imbalance to your pet
  12. Just like the humans, cats should not be fed with too much sweet. Sugar effects in humans are the same as with cats. It can cause dental problems, obesity and diabetes mellitus.
  13. Do not feed your pet with mushrooms too. The mushrooms can affect multiple systems and cause shock which may result to death.

These are just some of the foods that are dangerous for cats. If you want to play safe and let alone enjoy your pet for a long period, avoid feeding the aforementioned foods and stick to the ones that are best for them. Go and buy your pet the right food by visiting the veterinarian and/or just go straight ahead and buy the commercialized cat foods in the market today.