03 PM | 09 Mar

What’s with a Pet Fish Anyway?

After cats and dogs, having a pet fish comes surprisingly at the third rank. Nowadays, there is an increasing demand of fishes and fish tanks. This is probably because of the fact that people today have moved to smaller spaces and rentals. And we all know how most of the rentals do not want dogs and cats at their units. So, the fish is the next big thing to a pet lover!

What’s with the fish anyway?

  1. Though taking care of a fish requires knowledgeable caretakers and a proper environment, fishes are generally easier and less expensive to feed and care for compared to other pets.
  2. Since the fish is just inside a tank, you will never have a problem in noise inside the house as it never really makes noise. No barking or squawking inside and outside the house. Thus, no baby or neighbor will ever get disturbed from this pet.
  3. Having a fish means there are no surprise mess when you come home from work. No pee on the carpet and feces on the floor to be cleaned. No litter box to take care of and replace every now and then.
  4. If you are lazy in walking or doing an exercise, a pet fish is just right for you as it does not need to be walked!
  5. Though fishes are silent and may be alone in a fish tank, you will be surprised at the tranquility and calmness it gives to anyone who watches the fishes glide serenely inside the tank.
  6. Coming home to a destroyed pillow or cushion or a couch is a sight we really do not want to see. Unlike many furry and feather friends, fishes do not have any separation anxiety or destructive behaviors when left behind by the owner.
  7. You will be amazed by the different styles, sizes and vibrant colors a fish may don. And seeing them glide through the water with those colors are so calming.
  8. The fish are clean in it. Thus, there is no need for trips to the groomer to have it trimmed or have the teeth brushed!
  9. The tank where the fish lives, if properly maintained and decorated can always be an additional focal point to a room. It lights up a room and can also serve as an additional decoration.
  10. If you are lucky enough, there are some fish that can interact with their owners and can be trained as well to learn some tricks! So, go and research to these kinds of fishes.
  11. Technically, a fish does not shed fur, bring dirt from outdoors or shake litter from its paws. Because simply they just live in their tanks and do not go out!

Having a pet fish can actually be both economical and calming. It does not require too much attention and does not demand too much care and pet food. It does not require too much space too. That is why it makes a very good candidate for people living in a small apartment or in a rental.