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Dog Grooming Essentials

If you want your dog to look happy and good looking, then you must properly groom him. A shiny dog coat is a sure way of keeping him from looking ugly and disheveled. In between bathing sessions, you must groom your dog by keeping the following essentials at arm’s reach.

Clippers and Blades

Come warmer months like summer, you should keep your dog cool and prevent any heat stroke by trimming him more often than usual. A high quality clipper and blade should do the trick! Go for clippers with snap on blades; better if it also has snaps on combs!


Before buying your dog a good brush, keep in mind that there are different kinds of brushes. You can choose between slicker bristles, bristle brushes, stella dr dabber, and wire pins. If you’re not familiar with your dog’s coat, it is best and safest to buy the bristle brush as this is the most versatile brush around and can always be used on mostly any dog breeds. Now, if you’re dog has thick, dense undercoats, you will need to buy the slicker bristles. Lastly, wire pin bristles work best for dogs with woolly coats.

De-matting Tools

When you dog has an unruly coat or denser than the usual dogs, then he is definitely prone to matting. Who wants to cuddle a dog full of matte, right? To keep his coat from matting, opt to unsnarl his fur by investing in de-matting tools. These tools are sent from heaven to help you break up the matted area into more manageable sections, which can then be eased up by using a standard brush or comb.


If your dog has long hair or a thick coat like an Old English sheepdog or a Yorkshire terrier or a ShihTzu, then you might want to invest in buying them dryers. Imagine your home after you bathe your dog without a dryer, it is quite messy, right? Imagine the pool of water and/or the showers your dog will do just to take the water away from their coats. And, can you imagine if your dog is white and would play outside while wet? Yes, you definitely need a dryer to keep them away from dirt and also messing up your home. There are a variety of high-quality dryers nowadays that you can invest in. You may choose from full size cage dryers to free-standing ones.


Just like brushes, before buying one, note that there are different combs perfect for the type of coat that your dog has. Know that comb is the most important arsenal for a dog keeper. Why? Because it is used to untangle knotted hair! A fine tooth comb is best for dogs with soft, silky coat while wide tooth combs are used and best for heavy, matted fur. Rubber curry combs on the other hand is ideal for short-haired breeds. This comb is perfect in removing dead hear and massaging your dog’s skin. Lastly, if you are not sure of your dog’s type of coat, opt for the medium tooth comb. It works and can be used to any type of dog fur.

Dog Grooming Essentials

Nail Clippers

You know those times when you cuddle with your dog and there is something sharp that is stinging you? That is because of his long nails! Just like us humans, the dog’s nails should also be trimmed by using nail clippers specially designed for dogs. Ensure that you buy clippers that are designed for the size of your dog. Buy the small ones if your dog is small and big if your dog is big.

Dog Grooming Essentials

Clipper Vacuums

Trimming your dog can be a daunting task after you are finished. Why? Because of the loose hairs on the floor as you cut. What better way to trim if you have clipper vacuums? This heavenly product makes trimming your pet way easier than usual. It sucks up all the loose hairs as you cut. As a result? Lesser clean up time for you!

Dog Grooming Essentials

Bathing Systems

If you do not like to haul a plastic tub outside your home just to bathe your dog, then you should invest in bathing systems available in the market today. Dog grooming is easier nowadays with the state of the art bathing systems that comes with shampoo and conditioner dispensers, easy spray nozzles and more!

Grooming Table

If you own a lot of dogs and could not just keep one, grooming them can be stressful and painful for your body. You might want to consider getting you and your dogs a grooming table. Purchasing one will make the grooming process more comfortable for you. You may go for the ones with a fixed-height stationary model or go for the high-tech hydraulic version where it will lower down for easy mounting and rises up to meet your desired height for grooming.

Dog Toothbrush

Cleaning your dog’s teeth is an essential part of grooming that you should not leave behind. Keep the mouth of your dog fresh and cleaning by investing in a good tooth brush. There are special tooth brush and tooth paste you can buy in the market today.


Of course, if your dog requires “finish styling” then a specialized dog scissors should do the trick and should be added in your dog care toolkit. There are lots of scissors available for you. You can choose from thinning shears, straight sheers, curved shears and blunt-tipped shears. Again, choose wisely and choose what is really right for your dog; and do not forget to take in to consideration the type of fur and breed you have.

Dog grooming is an essential part of owning and living with a dog. Just like what other people say, if you are not ready with kids, try having a dog first. Yet, put in mind that taking care of a dog, grooming him per se should not be a task that is too daunting for you. With these grooming essentials at arm’s reach, everything is easy. So, do not fret, go buy yourself the kit and if you have no dog yet, go have one!

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